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DVAR Huckleberry 871

Huckleberry has become a Huck success story as he sold as a yearling bull through a past sale to Larson Angus and Mark & Cindy Orebaugh,. Huckleberry 871 is now one of the popular bulls in the Origen/ABS Lineup. He has a unique EPD profile that balances elite 1% ranking for $M and $C traits and is consistently transmitting outstanding phenotype and structure to his progeny who are performing extremely well. With his first set of sons and daughters recording yearling weights, he has earned an average yearling ratio of 101 and nearly 200 progeny ultrasound scans he is posting a UREA ratio of 101. Sons and Daughters of Huckleberry are exceptional in kind and will no doubt be the choice of top cattlemen.

E&B Wildcat 286

Wildcat x Sunrise x Chisum

Stegman family bought the high selling bull of the 2023 Benoit Angus sale. This High $M Wildcat son has been used in both herds and 1st progeny will sell in 2025.

DVAR Huckleberry J56

The lead-off Spring Yearling in 2022, purchased by Bob Huck/Huck Ranch, has served double duty to cleanup our Fall Registered herd. We look forward to his first calf crop in the Fall of 2023.

DVAR Sure Fire 300 960

Sure Fire x Final Answer x Objective

960 sires calves that come easy and grow 
rapidly Serving cleanup duty for both Huck & Stegman herds

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