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We strive to stay true to the things we know matter - solid cattle bred with an eye on the numbers without being too focused on the extremes. We know that, no matter how good a bull looks on paper, he's got to perform in your pasture. That is the ultimate test! We make all our breeding decisions with this in mind. 


We also know the influence the cow has on her progeny, and we strive to create a cowherd that is extremely fertile and exhibits strong maternal traits. Back in the 1980's, well-respected Angus cattleman Clarence Van Dyke shared this, "Remember, Dennis, that half of the genetics come from the cow. Good cows make the sires you use look even better," and Dennis has never let that idea get far from his decision making. 

Good cows raise good bulls, It doesn't get any simpler than that.

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Growing Our Bulls

Feed Trial, Ultrasound data & low-stress handling


Boothill Feeders

20041 SW C Rd

Jetmore, KS 67854


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Excellent Care

Connie Kuhlman & crew provide quality care & support

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